Be cool with these slimming smoothie recipes

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Now, now you must be getting hot with the summer coming around. Well, you don’t have to worry of feeling fit because you are actually going to be looking one soon. We have come up with the most delicious and sweetest smoothie combo for you to be slim this summer. These smoothies are easy to prepare and are added with Monounsaturated fats, the ideal powerhouse ingredient that powers through your body, burning that annoying belly fat. Here are some of our most-sought recipes:

1. High-Fiber carbohydrates: Did you just mention carbs? Oh yes, these carbohydrates can be found anywhere, but since we are dealing with smoothies then only the delicious fruits are needed for this recipe. Blueberries and Raspberries deliver the most fiber and least sugar and when none of those fruits are available, you can try out spinach and cucumber—they are actually the perfect combination because they are the easiest flavor to masks.

2. Healthy Fats: Remember our monounsaturated fat ingredient? These fats are healthy and are good energy-boosters. It makes your smoothies tastes delectable and can help absorb vitamins. Always maintain a two-teaspoon threshold of ingredients which contains healthy fats like banana, avocado or nuts.

3. Perfect Proteins: Proteins are very important in our body because they are in-charge of repairing tissues and cells in our body. Protein also helps you maintain a lean muscle mass so you can burn more calories everyday. Where to find these proteins which is the perfect ingredient for your smoothies? You can try tofu, non-fat yogurt or unflavored protein powder.

4. Milk and Dairies: Nothing can make your smoothies creamier and tastier than having milk added to it. Try one% or non-fat milk because it contains Calcium and Vitamin which is good for the bones and teeth and can help your body break down fats. Flavored water, Soy and Almond are also ideal choices for your smoothies.

This will surely get you look fit and healthy and best of all its cheap and tasty. If you have some tasty smoothie recipes please let me know as I love to change it up frequently. Hope you have enjoyed my recipe for the today.

Breast Sizes Today: The Inside Scoop

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Like many other things in today’s world the perception of how and what a woman’s body and despite the barrage of comments to the contrary the truth is women truly do wish for and at times actively participate in the race for larger breasts. Not only are the statistics for breast implants and augmentation now through the roof, but the reduction of breast sizes or removal of implants is at a low.


Why not?

Let’s make a check list based on preference shall we –

Do men prefer bigger breasts on women? – Um duh. Breasts are beautiful, and it’s not just men being men there is a large part of evolution at play here as well. Fuller breasted women have over the centuries always been associated with fertility and under the sheets fun. Isn’t it only natural that a man is going to be instantly attracted to the lady with the curves then?

Do women prefer bigger breasts on themselves? – Let’s see, not only are larger breasts just fun to look at and great attention getters, but they make women feel more feminine, they help you fill out that dress you saw Katy Perry wearing and now you honestly get to have a day out at the pub not worried about being a wallflower, you are sexier, and you know it.

That about sums it up – larger breasts, bigger boobs, or a curvier figure, no matter what you choose to call it the end result is the same – they are what men and women across the globe today think it’s beautiful. They are the homecoming queen, of real world dating and that boost of self-esteem when you try on that great wrap dress, they make up for our not having a perfect 24inch waist and keep our man eyes exclusively on us. Breasts are beautiful ladies, but bigger breasts are gorgeous!

What exactly is a vector file

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vector explained

vector explained

Have you ever tried to playfully magnify your image using paint or some other image editor? I don’t know about you, but I have tried those. It looks as though your face or some of your body part have broken down to pieces. That’s funny! Do you know the reason behind the image looking so broken or gory? If no, well let’s discuss it now.

Normally an image captured by a camera will be saved as a raster type of image. .jpeg, .bmp, .jpg etc. refers to the extension of a bitmap image. Now, coming back to the question, why is it looking so rusty with less clarity? Well the argument that suits the answer for this question is, these raster images are based on grid of pixels arranged in an orderly manner. As these pixels are the smallest controllable elements on the screen, if magnified, it shows the distinct magnified image of each pixel. Thus, the clarity reduces and there is an increase in the size of each pixel.

To overcome this disadvantage in pixel technology, vector graphics are introduced. These vector graphics come with the file extensions namely .ai, .eps, .svg, etc and provide higher and better clarity of a magnified image. In vector graphic technology, instead of representing an image by a dot, they are defined by a specified path with an initiating and terminating point for each path. These paths may include basic mathematical figures like a square, a line, and a triangle or even closed paths like a circle or an ellipse. This technology allows designers to blow up small logos to a size equaling big billboards with non-pixelated image with smooth and clean edges. Really cool huh? Hats off to today’s enhanced technology, isn’t that right folks?