Jun - 05 2014

Now, now you must be getting hot with the summer coming around. Well, you don’t have to worry of feeling fit because you are actually going to be looking one soon. We have come up with the most delicious and sweetest smoothie combo for you to be slim this summer. These smoothies are easy to […]

Jun - 04 2014

Like many other things in today’s world the perception of how and what a woman’s body and despite the barrage of comments to the contrary the truth is women truly do wish for and at times actively participate in the race for larger breasts. Not only are the statistics for breast implants and augmentation now […]

Jun - 03 2014

Have you ever tried to playfully magnify your image using paint or some other image editor? I don’t know about you, but I have tried those. It looks as though your face or some of your body part have broken down to pieces. That’s funny! Do you know the reason behind the image looking so […]