Be cool with these slimming smoothie recipes

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Now, now you must be getting hot with the summer coming around. Well, you don’t have to worry of feeling fit because you are actually going to be looking one soon. We have come up with the most delicious and sweetest smoothie combo for you to be slim this summer. These smoothies are easy to prepare and are added with Monounsaturated fats, the ideal powerhouse ingredient that powers through your body, burning that annoying belly fat. Here are some of our most-sought recipes:

1. High-Fiber carbohydrates: Did you just mention carbs? Oh yes, these carbohydrates can be found anywhere, but since we are dealing with smoothies then only the delicious fruits are needed for this recipe. Blueberries and Raspberries deliver the most fiber and least sugar and when none of those fruits are available, you can try out spinach and cucumber—they are actually the perfect combination because they are the easiest flavor to masks.

2. Healthy Fats: Remember our monounsaturated fat ingredient? These fats are healthy and are good energy-boosters. It makes your smoothies tastes delectable and can help absorb vitamins. Always maintain a two-teaspoon threshold of ingredients which contains healthy fats like banana, avocado or nuts.

3. Perfect Proteins: Proteins are very important in our body because they are in-charge of repairing tissues and cells in our body. Protein also helps you maintain a lean muscle mass so you can burn more calories everyday. Where to find these proteins which is the perfect ingredient for your smoothies? You can try tofu, non-fat yogurt or unflavored protein powder.

4. Milk and Dairies: Nothing can make your smoothies creamier and tastier than having milk added to it. Try one% or non-fat milk because it contains Calcium and Vitamin which is good for the bones and teeth and can help your body break down fats. Flavored water, Soy and Almond are also ideal choices for your smoothies.

This will surely get you look fit and healthy and best of all its cheap and tasty. If you have some tasty smoothie recipes please let me know as I love to change it up frequently. Hope you have enjoyed my recipe for the today.

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