Breast Sizes Today: The Inside Scoop

Jun - 04 2014 | By

Like many other things in today’s world the perception of how and what a woman’s body and despite the barrage of comments to the contrary the truth is women truly do wish for and at times actively participate in the race for larger breasts. Not only are the statistics for breast implants and augmentation now through the roof, but the reduction of breast sizes or removal of implants is at a low.


Why not?

Let’s make a check list based on preference shall we –

Do men prefer bigger breasts on women? – Um duh. Breasts are beautiful, and it’s not just men being men there is a large part of evolution at play here as well. Fuller breasted women have over the centuries always been associated with fertility and under the sheets fun. Isn’t it only natural that a man is going to be instantly attracted to the lady with the curves then?

Do women prefer bigger breasts on themselves? – Let’s see, not only are larger breasts just fun to look at and great attention getters, but they make women feel more feminine, they help you fill out that dress you saw Katy Perry wearing and now you honestly get to have a day out at the pub not worried about being a wallflower, you are sexier, and you know it.

That about sums it up – larger breasts, bigger boobs, or a curvier figure, no matter what you choose to call it the end result is the same – they are what men and women across the globe today think it’s beautiful. They are the homecoming queen, of real world dating and that boost of self-esteem when you try on that great wrap dress, they make up for our not having a perfect 24inch waist and keep our man eyes exclusively on us. Breasts are beautiful ladies, but bigger breasts are gorgeous!

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